Full Equipment Group Class
A full body work out! Core stability and strengthening, full upper body and lower body program.
We offer exercise techniques that focus on flexibility, posture and abdominal strength.

In this class package you will get private classes and group classes using the cadillac, reformer, wunda chair and ladder barrel.
In the private class the instructor will check your posture and instructors will create and teach the program that suit your needs.
After that in the group class, you'll do the movements according to the program that already exists and has been taught on your own.


Pilates - Cardio - Food therapy

Slimlates is a slimming program that uses methods of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) combined with Pilates movement. In this program you get three benefits at once (Pilates-Cardio-Food therapy). With food therapy will help you to identify yourself. We will help educate and find a diet that suits you, so that you will know what kind of foods can cause rising, falling or steady to yourbodyweight. Combined with Pilates and cardio because the sport is closely related to improvement of diet to get slim and healthy body and Pilates will increase muscle mass without making it bulky, so your body will look lint and toned.

PILATES Pregnancy Class

Pregnancy Class

Pilates is a safe way to exercise during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Strengthening the pelvic floor prepares the body for a smooth prenatal phase and birth. Our teachers are trained to work with pre and postnatal clients and can help make this special time an empowering journey in mind and body. (Available only at Kelapa Sawit branch)

PILATES Kiddie Mat class

Kiddie Mat class

Pilates exercises group for children of aged 3 - 11 years. This is a fun pilates class combining role playing, imagining, and pilates exercises for children, in order to teach them the correct body posture and alignment, and improve their balance and well-being (available only at Kelapa Gading - Boulevard).

PILATES Crosscore class

Crosscore class

Join our class. This is good rotational bodyweight exercises to increase your strength, flexibility, join mobility, coordination and endurance. Each session last for one hour, tailored according to individual need's using CrossCore.

PILATES Reguler class

Group mat class

This is a group class focuses on Mat Pilates Exercises, using matrass and our body weight as resistance. Also utilizes other props, such as gym ball, foam roller, ankle weight, and flex band. And also with CrossCore and flexibar too. Each session last for one hour.
Combined your Pilates movements with Flexi-bar. It's an "everything" class. In only 45 minutes time, you'll get to work with your balance and coordination, strengthening your muscles, and achieving your target heart rate at the same time.

PILATES Semi Private class

Semi Private class

This is a two-on-one Pilates Program. With one instructor and two clients. Similar with our Private Session, each session last for one hour, tailored according to individual's need and using full equipment and props as necessary.

PILATES Private class

Private class

This a one-on-one Pilates Program.  Each exercises are individually tailored according to our client's needs. Each sessions last for one hour, using full equipment, such as Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrell, and Wunda Chair, and also other props are needed.